Jamie Foxx: Back in Greensboro with a new hit concert

By Laura Smith

News & Record/ Go Triad

Credit: File photo/News & Record

Credit: File photo/News & Record

Actor and musician Jamie Foxx is experiencing a lot of firsts this year. His hit single “Blame It” was the No.1 song on the Urban Mainstream chart for 12 consecutive weeks. He hosted the BET Awards in June. And he has a solo song all his own.

Foxx comes to the Greensboro Coliseum on Sunday as part of his 50-city North American “Blame It Tour.” He last visited Greensboro during his 2007 “Unpredictable Tour.”

“It’s a got a little bit of everything,” Foxx said of the tour. “It’s a gumbo. The main ingredient is the music.”

However, Foxx said it won’t be uncommon to hear his President Obama or Ray Charles impressions.

“We keep it moving,” he said. “It’s an hour and a half of non-stop gettin’ it.”

The Blame It tour will feature music from Foxx’s latest album, “Intuition,” released in December 2008. Accompanying Foxx on the album include artists such as T.I., Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Ne-Yo.

“Intuition is more aggressive,” he said. “The whole album is about women; all music is about women.”

The Academy Award winner and Grammy-nominated artist not only credits “Blame It” as his most successful single on the album, but his biggest musical achievement to date.

“This is an opportunity to do it on my own, to have a hit song on my own.” he said. While Kanye West joins in on the song, “Blame It” is Foxx’s first hit song he can put his name to.

“It really became the song of 2009,” he said. “It’s still going.”

Seeing “Blame It’s” chart-topping status was a humbling experience for Foxx.

“It was absolutely incredible, especially for a person who never thought they would be able to do music,” he said. “It gives you more energy.”

In addition to a successful music career, Foxx also has had his share of acting and producing triumphs.

He co-starred with Robert Downey Jr. in “The Soloist” and won an Oscar for his role as the legendary Ray Charles in “Ray.” He has appeared in “Dreamgirls,” “Miami Vice,” “Jarhead” and “The Kingdom.” He will next star in “Law Abiding Citizen,” a drama directed by F. Gary Gray. Foxx also lent his voice to Sirius XM’s “The Foxxhole” radio show as well as created and co-produced MTV’s reality show, “From G’s to Gents.” The show features young men who strive to transform from being “rough around the edges” to sophisticated gentlemen. The “king of all media” says its all about balancing time when it comes to his multifaceted career.

“I carve out the time and go get it,” he said.

Foxx is looking forward to growing his music career and stretching himself even more as an artist.

“I’m looking forward to defining myself as a musician for the first time,” he said. “I have the opportunity as far as saying I’m a musician.”

The singer, who’s inspirations include his grandmother, Stevie Wonder and Prince, calls his “Blame It” tour “an adventure of entertainment.” He is optimistic about what’s to come and hopes the success continues.

“I just want to stay humble,” Foxx said. “I want to stay accomplished.”


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