Elon On Demand: Off-campus viewers can now get Elon channel

by Laura Smith
January 13, 2009


About 1.2 million subscribers of Time Warner Cable in North and South Carolina will now have the opportunity to see videos produced by Elon students and staff whenever they want.

Thanks to video on demand technology, viewers of Channel 1234 can use their remotes to watch Elon videos, pause and rewind them. Programs available through the service include “Elon Phoenix Weekly,” “Win Stuff,” “One-on-One”, “Phoenix 14 News” and “Elon in L.A.”

Also featured are several staff and student collaborative productions, including two narrative films and four Elon-produced HIV/AIDS documentaries.

The project began this fall when Dr. Connie Book, associate dean of the school of communications, approached J. McMerty, coordinator of video projects, with the idea.

“It’s a great resource,” Book said. “People can watch from the convenience of their couch rather than the computer where we’re streaming it.”

The project is a public service and extends Elon programming from Channel 14 such as “Win Stuff” and  “Phoenix 14 News.”

“We saw that other schools like UNC-Charlotte and UNC-Wilmington had spots [with Time Warner],” McMerty said. “We think our programming is pretty good compared to other schools. We wanted to get our stuff out there.”

McMerty makes the programs available to Time Warner by uploading them to the service.

“It is another thing we can do to help students to get out there,” McMerty said. “It’s another way to get in homes regionally, which is important as well.”

The system also has the ability to give statistics that show how many people are watching the channel so McMerty can judge how effective it is.

This service is available to digital subscribers in the Charlotte, Raleigh/Durham/Fayettville, Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point and Wilmington/Newport television markets and in South Carolina, where Time Warner Cable operates.


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