Students work together to create spiritual CD

By Laura Smith

November 19, 2008

Sure, you’ve seen them worship and get involved in the Elon community. But Catholic Campus Ministry’s newest endeavor is music to the ears. 

 The organization plans to release a CD, called Patchwork, this Friday. It features spiritual performances from individual students, student groups and the Catholic Campus Ministry’s choir. 

 The CD began when Father Gerry Waterman, Catholic Campus minister, thought up the idea and approached professor Barth Strempek’s entrepreneurial class to undertake it. 

 Senior Alex Buchheim began working on this project for the class last fall, during his junior year, by brainstorming and formulating ideas. Along with senior Marvin Morgan, he began working with Father Gerry to execute the CD. 

 “I have had a pretty close relationship with Father Gerry since freshman year and saw the potential in this project,” Buchheim said. “I also knew that this project was very close to Father Gerry and wanted to see it come to fruition.” 

 During the spring semester of junior year, Buchheim and his partners began creating the business plan for the project and were put in contact with musicians and artists who Father Gerry wanted to see on the CD. 

 That same semester, Buchheim and Morgan were joined by other students to work on the CD, including senior Alex Matthews and junior Lily Brown, who handled much of the art design and talent for the CD. 

 Recording for the CD also began in the spring. Students Paul Ahlgrim and Erin Lobdell joined the others, helping to plan the upcoming release party as well as the marketing of the CD. 

 “Throughout the entire process professor Strempek has provided insight and advice that has helped us to reach where we are today,” Buchheim said. 

 Sophomore Erin Sawyer, CCM minister of community building, is one of the artists featured on the CD. 

 Sawyer, who sings in the CCM choir every Sunday, said she is excited about getting the word out about CCM through this project. 

 “It will really get CCM’s name out there as being a prominent group on campus,” she said. “We have so many Catholics on campus that I think it will be an easy way for those that are not necessarily practicing to want to come have fun with us.” 

 Buchheim said Bryan Baker, a senior audio producer at Elon, and the School of Communications were instrumental in getting the charity project off the ground. 

 “The most important part of this project is that all proceeds from the sales of the CD will go to charity,” he said. 

 A Web site is being put together to market the CD further. 

The release party for Patchwork will be held at 5 p.m. Friday on the first floor atrium of the Koury business center. Friday. The CD will be sold for $15, which will go towards CCM, and artists featured on the CD will perform.


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