Celtic Crossroads brings sounds of Ireland to Elon

By Laura Smith

October 2, 2008



Celtic Crossroads performs for Elon University

Celtic Crossroads performs for Elon University

Maybe it’s just the luck of the Irish, but the native band, Celtic Crossroads, proved to be a sensation for members of the Elon community.

The seven member band from Galway, Ireland played for a full house in McCrary Theatre on October 1 as part of its second U.S. tour. The Elon University Lyceum Series and the Office of Cultural programs sponsored the concert. 

Consisting of two women, five men, two Irish Step dancers and over 20 different kinds of instruments, Celtic Crossroads got the audience clapping their hands and tapping their feet to both traditional Celtic and non-traditional tunes.

“If anyone feels the need to stomp their feet, this is the time,” band member and Musical Director Michael McClintock said of one traditional Irish jig called “The Columbian Jigs.”

The band coined the name “Celtic Crossroads” after an old Irish tradition where neighboring communities would meet at the crossroads between the villages to socialize.

“That’s a tradition we wanted to keep alive, hence the name Celtic Crossroads,” band member Johnny Berril said.

Each of the members, all seemingly in his or her twenties, played a vast array of different instruments. These included the guitar, harp, baronet, accordion, flute, pipes and the traditional Irish fiddle, among many others.

Along with traditional Irish melodies, Celtic Crossroads played some Jazz, European Gypsy, Classical and even some Bluegrass with their rendition of the American song “Cotton Eye Joe.”

Two Irish step dancers, one male and one female, astonished the audience as well. Dancing to the background of the music, they got the audience whistling with their fast foot movement.


Celtic Crossroads Irish step dancers amaze the audience

Celtic Crossroads Irish step dancers amaze the audience

The performance got the audience on their feet, clapping, and wanting more.

“Their amazing, just incredible, “ Elon student Katie Hatcher said. “They’re so young and they’ve mastered so many instruments.”

Celtic Crossroads’ U.S. tour began on September 15, 2008 and will continue through October 11, 2008.



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