Invisible Children: Rough cut documentary to be rescheduled

by Laura Smith

September 12, 2008

Five minutes passed. And then ten.  Students, faculty, and a handful of Elon residents waited for the Invisible Children: Rough Cut documentary to begin in the LaRose Digital Theater on Thursday night, but it never did.

The documentary was originally scheduled to show at 7:30 but was moved to another date.  

We wanted to move the screening date to allow for the Invisible Children roadies to come to the screening and talk & provide some merchandise,” said Katie Meyer, founder of Elon’s division of Invisible Children, on the E-Net website.

The Invisible Children movement began in 2003 by three filmmakers on a trip to Africa. They discovered the cruel reality that children in Uganda were being used as soldiers and citizens were being displaced. It was then that they filmed Rough Cut.

The film is scheduled to resume on October 30.

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Photo courtesy of



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