New changes for town of Elon coming

by Laura Smith

September 11, 2008

Updates on the up-and-coming changes to be installed for the town of Elon have been made. With regards to the new public library, Ken Mullen, assistant vice president of business and finance for Elon University, sent out a letter to Elon citizens on September 5 sharing his thoughts on the situation.

Mullen explained how there had been a majority of individuals desiring the Beth Schmidt location at the public hearing on September 2. He also expressed his concern that there may be many residents who want the fire station field location but have not yet expressed their opinions to the town.

“I am in favor of it being located at the fire station fields,” Mullen said in his letter. Mullen feels as though this location will “increase the vibrancy of downtown Elon,” create an attractive village developed by the University, and will be more pedestrian friendly.

Mullen attached a list of pros and cons for both sites with his letter and urged citizens to voice their opinions.

The Piedmont Triad Council of Governments plan, proposed by Jesse Day, Regional Planner, has been approved. Michael D. Abernathy, Times-News writer, reported on the decision in the September 10 issue.

“The 20-year plan is tentative,” Abernathy said. “Town aldermen would have to approve any funding or future work before projects could be completed.”

Abernathy gave the highlights of the plan, which will include additional sidewalks, bike paths, and better lighting.

“This was meant to give us an idea what we want to do,” Abernathy quoted Sean Tencer, Town Planner. “We are hoping to partner with [the university] and Twin Lakes on a lot of these projects.”

Abernathy also informed readers that these plans are waiting for the railroad’s approval. 


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